4 essential SEO tips

search engine optimization Is your website not getting the traffic you think it deserves? Is your traffic lower than usual? Well that is probably due to the fact that it’s ranking badly on search engines and it is in need of a little search engine optimization. What does that mean, though?


Well, let’s start from the top. Just search for a key word on any search website and you’ll see that although hundreds of results come back, they are ranked. Now, think about how many times you have visited a site on the second page of search results. Chances are you never did it. But how does a site decide how to rank the pages that it indexes?


Well, there is a special algorithm that allows search engines to do that. Google, being the most popular one, is the one that sets the trends and all the other engines will soon follow suit. This means that all engines, from the most popular to less used, like Bing, use the same algorithm and the same criteria when ranking sites. The key to getting more traffic, is making sure those sites “like” your site.


SEO is all about making search engines LOVE your site. It is essentially a series of fixes and modifications that will ensure that your site meets all or most of the criteria needed for a high ranking. Now, it goes without saying that this is not easy, which is why it is usually handled by professionals. With that in mind, let’s see some simple SEO tips that you should always keep in mind.


The users are the key


Ask any SEO company about what’s the most important thing for a site’s ranking and I am sure that they will all say how easy it is for the users to navigate through it. Having amazing content (more on that later) counts for nothing if the user has to jump through hoops to het because of your websites confusing web structure.


Even worse, if your site’s design is not simple and straightforward, then the “robots” used by Yahoo and all search engines, won’t be able to index its content. Keep the navigation simple and your ranking will rise almost instantly.




One of the first things that an SEO expert will look at when trying to optimize a site, is how relevant it is. Relevance plays a VERY important role for search engines, since they all want to provide their users with the most relevant content and sites for their sites. You need to find out what your visitors are searching for, their search keywords and then make sure that you tell the search engines that your site is all about those keywords. This can be done by inserting those keywords in strategic places, such as in the content and page titles of your site.


Content is still king


One of the most important aspects of internet marketing is providing the users with value. This means that your visitor must get something out of visiting your site. Your content should be helpful and it should be providing him with useful and original information. This is the best way to keep visitors on your site long enough to buy your products or fill an application or whatever.


Keep track of your metrics


One of the most important aspects of the job of an SEO specialist, is keeping track of metric such as traffic, conversions and search volume. This is essentially the only way to know if what you are doing to improve your rankings is actually working. Google will provide you with all the necessary tools, just make sure you use them right!


Those simple tips can go a long way, but for the best results possible, you will probably need to hire a professional.