Best SEO Tips for High Rankings in 2017

Four essential SEO tips for 2017

best seo tips 2017Another year is close to its end and we all what that means: time to assess the state of SEO this past year and to try and anticipate the things to come next year. Since the search engine algorithms and the ranking criteria and their importance change all the time, the end of the year is the perfect time for us to evaluate our work and to use than data to try and anticipate what’s to come the following year, so that our websites will always be ahead of the curve.

2016 was a pretty important year that seemed to change a lot for Search Engine Optimization. The most important change, is without a doubt the fact that Google appears to have gone full mobile on us, which means that rankings are now mostly affected by factors concerning how the site works on mobile devices. The reason for that is very simple: mobile devices are overtaking their desktop counterparts at an alarming rate, so Google and other search engines are shifting their focus to wards the mobile users, since they are becoming their most frequent and valuable customers. Also, our old friend Panda received a rather important update. So, with that in mind, let’s see some important SEO tips for 2007!

·         Implement AMP as fast as possible

Ever since Google introduced AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, back in October of 2015, their implementation is becoming more and more important witch each passing month. AMP ensures that pages on mobile devices will have lightning fast loading speeds, thus providing mobile users with a great experience that won’t decimate their data plans. Since mobile friendliness features are becoming more and more important for Google and considering that AMP was introduced by them, it goes without saying that no site should be without AMP in 2017.

·         Pay extra attention to the mobile version of each site

Weill, according to some SEOs and industry insiders, it finally happened: rankings are now primarily based on the mobile version of a site. What that means, is that the desktop version of a site, will be ranked based on how good its mobile version is and should such a version not exist, well, let’s just say that it would be EXTREMELY bad news for the website in question. So, when making new sites, you should now EXTRA time to work on their mobile page, in fact, the mobile version should be your priority. Don’t view it as an offshoot of the desktop version, in fact, perhaps you should treat the desktop way in this way. Sad but true…

·         Time to put your black hat on again?

Panda 4.0 after many complaints seems to have adopted a different approach to penalties. It now seems that in case Panda finds something punishable in a website, it won’t penalize the website in its entirety. It will however issue quite sever penalties on the individual pages or sections of the site that committed the “offence”. According to some SEOs, this means that experimentation is going to be a bit safer on 2016, which is why a lot of experts are already “dusting off” their black hats.

·         Don’t forget voice search!

Voice search may seem like a useless feature for each internet marketing company, however it is being used by thousands of mobile users every day, especially while they are driving or doing something else that doesn’t allow for free use of their hands. Add to that the fact that Google has developed each very own voice search programs as well as Google Home and Assistant that focus highly on voice searches and commands and you can guess just how important voice search will be in 2017. It might seem like a useless feature, but Google sure as heck would like to differ!

So, there you have it! The keyword (this is an SEO article, after all), is “Mobile”. Your SEO work should mainly focus on the mobile side of things, since it seems like a site’s mobile friendliness is going to be THE most important ranking factor in 2017!