Three simple web design tips to improve your search engine rankings

Search engines are essentially the life of the internet nowadays. If a site doesn’t come up on the top search results for its related keywords on sites like Bing, it might as well not exist. But how do those sites actually rank the billions of sites that are currently on the internet? How does Google know that one site should be ranked higher than another?

Well, there’s a special algorithm for that which is more or less common for all search engines, even those that have fallen out of favor recently, like Yahoo. This algorithm takes into consideration many factors and assigns a rank to each page indexed by the engine. One of the most important ranking factors, is web design.
To put it simply, well designed pages will almost always rank higher than badly designed ones, even if they have better content. How can you improve your site’s design so that it will rank higher? Well, that’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in!

Let’s see some amazing SEO tips that will help you keep your site on the top places of the result pages of all search engines.


SEO tips

Easy navigation

The first thing that an SEO expert will say to a client, is that the way that links are organized on their website, its navigation structure in other words, plays a very important role in its success. It pretty much determines the amount of time that a visitor will spend on the website. So, just ask yourself the following question: “What do I do after a page I visited has finished loading?”.


You probably read the content of that page and then you try to find the next page that interests you. If this is not done easily and quickly on your website then your visitors will leave and they will try to get that information or product elsewhere, here getting from A to B won’t be as complicated.


Simple design

Every SEO specialist knows that the look of a website matters a lot when it comes to ranking and keeping the site user friendly, and search engines LOVE user friendly sites. So, you should always remember that a design which uses a lot of “white space” on the content is pleasant to the visitor. Avoid dark themes and bright colors. Also, make sure that you use easy to read fonts that are available on all computers. The easier it is for the visitor to read your content, the higher your ranking on the result pages will be.


Don’t overload your site

One of the basic principles of internet marketing, is that no one likes an overloaded site. Animated banners, scrolling texts and animations (especially those with sound) are not only annoying, but they also make the page load very slowly. As every SEO company will tell you, slow loading sites are not user friendly and thus search engines rank them very low.
So, as you can probably tell, the most important or perhaps even the ONLY thing that you need to remember when it comes to SEO and web design, is that the simpler and more user friendly your sites it, the better!