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The internet nowadays is way more than a source of information and a communication hub for people all over the world. For thousands of businesses all over the world, the net is a very important source of income. It is the best way to find more prospects and new customers. It goes without saying however that just having a website up and running is not enough for a business to manage to significantly increase its revenue. In fact, unless the site is set up properly, it might actually generate no revenue at all.


In order for a page to get new visitors, the people looking for it will have to be able to find it. The only way to find something on the internet, is through search engines like Google and Yahoo. When a user searches for a keyword on those sites, their “robots” find the pages that are most relative to that keyword and then present them in order. Additional check this SEO Partner blog in Greece for more details about Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks http://seogreece.org/

The higher a page is ranked, the more likely it is that the user will click on it. As you can probably tell, having your page at the highest possible rank for keywords relating to its theme, is essential for getting new prospects and thus increasing your revenue. So, how do you get to the first place of the search results?


That’s where search engine optimization, or SEO for short, comes in. In short, it is all about getting a website to the first place on the results page. But how can someone know how those sites rank pages? Well, the answer is very simple. All search engines out there, even Bing, use pretty much the same ranking algorithm. This is essentially a “list” of criteria that sites should meet. The more criteria a site meets, the higher it will get ranked. SEO makes sure that your site will fulfil most, if not all of those criteria.

SEO experts


As you can probably tell, hiring the right SEO company for your business is essential, since your online presence can bring you a lot of extra income. Simply put, each day you spend without a properly optimized and designed website, you are losing money. We are here to help you with some basic SEO and Web design tips that will help your page rank higher. We will also help you find the right SEO experts for your business. Here’s what you will find in our website:


Search Engine Optimization Best Tips


While SEO is something that is usually done by professionals, there are some things that any business owner, provided he or she knows a thing or two about computers, can do to improve his or her site’s search engine ranking. Here you will find some of the most basic tips, all written by an SEO specialist, that you can implement on your site almost immediately to help it rise through the rankings.


Specifically, you will learn how to search for the most searched for keywords that are relative to your site and its theme or the product you are trying to sell. You will then be taught how to insert those keywords in strategic positions, in order to “help” search engines, like Google, find your website easier and rank it even higher.


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Furthermore, you will also find out which SEO techniques you should avoid, even though some experts might be claiming that are really effective. Finally, you will learn how to turn those prospects into customers and get them to buy your product or fill your forms and applications. These are just some of the things that you will learn in this section. Those SEO tips will help you improve your position, but they will be useless if your site isn’t designed properly. This brings us to the next section.


Web design and SEO


Most people think that web design is all about making a website as pretty and / or artistic as possible. Anyone who is into internet marketing though will tell you that while the looks of a site can be important, they are not quite as important as the how easy it is for users to navigate through it. Simply put, ease of navigation and user friendly design are two of the most important ranking factors, according to Chicago SEO Cosultant eBizUniverse.


In this section you will find out how to make your website as user friendly as possible, without compromising its rankings. You will also learn which design choices and tactics you need to avoid, in order to keep your high rankings. Finally, you will also find valuable information on how to hire the right web designer for your business.


This is just a small introduction to our website. It goes without saying that there’s more for you to find out and we are sure that you will need everything you need to know to get your site to the top of the results page of all search engines out there.